I never saw it coming.  I was running as fast as I could.  My end goal?  The sofa.  Why?  Because my brother was racing me.  My plan was to run, jump and land perfectly on the soft cushions riddled with success.  What actually happened was I tripped on feet that I had yet to grow into and my chest hit the corner of a footstool in the living room.  I remember laying on the ground wondering if I was going to die.  In that moment, the wind got knocked out of me; I forgot how to breathe.  I had a nice triangle shaped bruise on my prepubescent chest.

I never saw it coming, I can’t imagine why.  I never thought this day would come.  It feels like I’m a kid again wind gone from my lungs and you’re the reason why.  How could I have let it come to this, I’ve never felt so low.  Words sweet like sparkling wine, I drank and drank, down to the last droplet.  My cheeks pink and glowing, scalding from your poison; “I never saw it coming” I tell myself through hot tears as your fingers take their familiar place around my throat, but you and I both know what this is: sympathy suffocation.

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